Should You Purchase a Shipping Container Structure? 

Oftentimes, people ask if it is better to buy or rent a shipping container structure. Well, the answer to their question varies on the condition and the structure. There are a couple of questions that you have to ask yourself before you buy a shipping container structure. What customizations do you want to have? How long will you utilize the container? How will the company use the structure?  

Answering these questions will help you figure out if you should purchase or rent a Sierra Madre custom shipping container. 

 What’s Your Budget? 

The cost of renting a shipping container greatly depends on the customization, size, and age of the container. You’ll pay more if you require a bigger and newer container with a couple of customization compared to an unmodified, smaller, and older container. Because of this, storage units typically cost less compared to shipping container homes or offices since these structures need more modifications.  

The cost of buying a shipping container also varies in the form of structure you buy. If you compare the cost of buying a container and renting it over several years, it typically makes more sense financially to rent containers you require for a short period of time. On the other hand, buying a container might cost less over time if you plan to utilize it for a longer period.  

How Long Will You Utilize the Structure? 

Usually, it is better to rent than to buy if you need a container structure for less than a year, a month, or for weeks. Typically, it is better to buy the container if you require the structure for a couple of years. 

Obviously, if you plan to install permanently the container structure in one location, you will have to buy it. Container rentals are more affiliated to traditional travel trailers, where you do not install them permanently in a single spot. However, buying is still a viable choice if you do plan to move the structure.  

Owning the container will enable you to reuse it for a lot of years and various uses. The truth is that almost every container has a 20-year lifespan. You can relocate the container to new areas or simply move it within a single spot. 

What Type of Container Structure Do You Require? 

Though manufacturers only provide containers for purchase, some offer rentable ones. Almost every single one of these rental companies only provides 2 forms of container structures – storage and office units. You will have to buy a structure if you are searching for something different. Rentable containers, for the most part, are customized differently. Offices have a tendency to include finished walls, climate control, a window, a door, and much more. However, they do not often include a bathroom. A storage unit might only have climate control and operable cargo doors.  

Fortunately, manufacturers can add other features if you plan to buy the container structure. Customization might include kitchenettes and bathrooms, custom flooring and walls, multiple doors and windows, and much more.