Why Install a Fence?

A fence will add value to your house, build an enticing outdoor living area for you and your guests, and give you a sense of security. A fence will make you feel safe and add more value to your property. However, fences require maintenance and every homeowner should be aware of that.   

If you have a backyard with trees and flowerbeds, then you might want to protect all that from invasion. You might have to consider what type of fence to install. Having a fence will give you a feeling of security and privacy. To install the right one, consult with the experts in fence installation in Greeley Colorado. 

Any fence has a practical purpose and it is to mark your property’s perimeter. But fences could make yards feel like they’re an extension of a home. It provides a safer place for the pets and kids to play and for your friends and family members to gather for special events. Fences also highlight your landscaping or gardening skills. 

Choosing the Right Fence  

Homeowners can select from a variety of fencing materials that suit their property, budget, and lifestyle preferences. These days, fencing materials can easily be accessed everywhere. Fences are also relatively affordable, but it still depends on the material that you choose. A fence will give your neighborhood and home a warm, aesthetic feel. Wood privacy fences are also popular options, especially in newer communities. But other design choices include the traditional picket fence and post or rail fences for bigger properties. 

When it comes to wood fences, there at least two nice species to work with. Southern yellow pine is among the most common kinds of wood used for fences. It’s budget-friendly, solid and has a higher resistance to rotting and pests when maintained properly. The other good choice is the Western red cedar. It has a higher resistance to pests and rot. But it should also be treated well for heightened durability pressure. Other popular choices for wood include fir, redwood, and spruce. Depending on where you live, the cost and quality of the various wood types may vary. 

How to Maintain Wood Fences 

Some good ways to keep your fence investment going involve treating wood with moisture sealants to prevent rotting and warping. You may also apply stains to highlight the natural finish of the wood. Some people do so to offer the wood a certain look. Stains may also contribute to your fence’s durability. But after two to three years you may have to apply the stain again. It will depend on the material that you select and how fast the fence weathers. You’ll also find materials that can combine the sealant and stain. 

Maintaining the post of the fence is the key to your fence’s durability too. Wood rotting can impact foot posts, which may lead to splitting and warping. High posts, if properly installed, will keep your fencing standing, particularly when the wind is high. 

If you want to choose an alternative fencing material, there are many choices for you. PVC or vinyl fences are yet another popular choice because they are durable and flexible. Vinyl fences come in different colors and styles, from the classic picket fences to the wooden privacy fences.